Mary Kay Place Articles

October 30, 1998




The Big Chill is Back          


Yuval Rosenberg


The ‘80’s may be long gone, but they will never die. To mark the 15th anniversary of The Big Chill, Columbia Pictures next week will re-release the movie that launched Glenn Close, Kevin Kline, Jeff Goldblum, and Tom Berenger to stardom. “I’m fascinated that they're re-releasing it,” says co-star Mary Kay Place, who recently rediscovered the movie herself. Place, who played the aspiring mommy Meg, hadn’t seen the film for at least 12 years before watching it again a few months ago. “It was just pure fun,” she says. But does The Big Chill, a 1984 Oscar nominee for Best Picture, still have meaning for audiences approaching the millennium? “I think the movie’s about community,” Place says, adding, “that’s the part that I think will resonate.”


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