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Welcome to the Mary Kay Place Place, the only fan-created site for the actress, writer, director, singer, and composer, Mary Kay Place.

I do not know Mary Kay Place personally, so I cannot get messages to her or provide her address. However, I have posted some comments for former schoolmates or other fans as possible and she might read those here.

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Words of praise from Claudia Lamb, "Mary Hartman's" Heather Hartman-"Loved your page! I worked with Mary Kay on 'MH2' - she was a real lady who was always fun to be around. She treated those around her with the utmost respect. She deserves a great page like this!"
From Paul Marshall-"I've been checking out your MKP site here. Not only am I a big fan, but when Mary Kay decided to pursue her record career in 1978, I was selected to be her bass player. She's a great talent and a cool person, and I'll always treasure the times we spent together." Visit Paul's site.
From Pamela Tice Chapman-"I have really enjoyed your web site on Mary Kay! I am an actress, and first met Mary Kay in The Rainmaker, which was shot here in Memphis! She was terrific as 'Dot Black.' I played 'Vera Birdsong' and did not have any scenes with her but was fortunate enough to visit with her at Mr. Coppola's Rainmaker premiere at Paramount.
I also had a nice part in Death and Texas.
Please give Mary Kay a big hug from all the cast and crew from Memphis! She is not only a wonderful actor, but a fabulous person!"

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