Mary Kay Place Six Degrees of Separation

One night when I apparently had too much (way too much) time on my hands, I decided that there was no reason that I couldn’t link any Hollywood actor by six degrees to Mary Kay Place.  Most folks are aware of the silly parlor game “The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” connecting him to just about any other actor by no more than six co-stars, any two having worked together in one film.

So, I started thinking about two of my favorite old Hollywood actors and easily came up with these examples of the Mary Kay Six Degrees potential.

Rita Hayworth

       >Lady from Shanghai

Orson Welles

       >Citizen Kane

Joseph Cotten

       >Shadow of a Doubt

Teresa Wright

       >The Rainmaker

Mary Kay Place


Montgomery Clift


Maureen Stapleton


Diane Keaton

       >Annie Hall

Woody Allen


Louise Lasser

Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman”

Mary Kay Place



Then I started getting some random names out of the back of my film guide.

Christopher Lee

       >The Three Musketeers

Geraldine Chaplin

       >A Wedding

Carol Burnett

       >The Four Seasons

Alan Alda    

       >A New Life

Mary Kay Place



Bela Lugosi

       >The Raven

Vincent Price

       >The Ten Commandments

Anne Baxter

       >The Magnificent Ambersons

Joseph Cotten

       >Shadow of a Doubt (sorry that I got redundant)

Teresa Wright

       >The Rainmaker

Mary Kay Place



Ava Gardner

       >The Barefoot Contessa

Humphrey Bogart

       >To Have and Have Not

Lauren Bacall

       >The Mirror Has Two Faces

Jeff Bridges

       >Jagged Edge

Glenn Close

       >The Big Chill or Nine Lives or The Safety of Objects

Mary Kay Place



Jerry Lewis

       >The King of Comedy

Robert DeNiro

       >New York, New York

Mary Kay Place (I had no idea that this one would be so easy to get.)



So, since that one turned out to be easier than I’d expected, I decided to try my Kevin Bacon game ender.  Of course, I was cheating all the way here with my film guide, and at parties we don’t allow such luxuries.  Anyway, here was my most difficult connection.

Fatty Arbuckle

       >Our Congressman

Will Rogers

       >Judge Priest

Hattie McDaniel

       >Since You Went Away

Jennifer Jones

       >Ruby Gentry

Karl Malden

       >The Cincinnati Kid


       >A New Life

Mary Kay Place



Then, I went back to some random choices.

Trevor Howard (I don't really even know who he is.)

       >Mutiny on the Bounty

Marlon Brando

       >The Young Lions

Dean Martin


Jerry Lewis (so easy to fall on the above mentioned crutch)
      >The King of Comedy

Robert DeNiro

      >New York, New York

Mary Kay Place



Paul Henreid

       >Now, Voyager

Bette Davis

       >Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte

Agnes Moorehead (yes, I skipped the Joseph Cotten thing; Citizen Kane
s too easy)

       >Alice Through the Looking Glass

Nanette Fabray

       >Harper Valley P.T.A.

Ronny Cox
Now, here, I could end it with Bound for Glory in which Mary Kay Place appeared, but instead I wanted to see what else I could do and came up with six degrees by using


Kurtwood Smith

       >Citizen Ruth or Girl, Interrupted

Mary Kay Place
(and wasn’t Robocop worth it?)



Richard Kiel (He was in Eegah! for any “MST 3K” fans out there.)

       >So Fine

Ryan O

       >What's Up Doc?

Barbra Streisand

       >The Mirror Has Two Faces

Jeff Bridges

       >King Kong

Jessica Lange

       >How to Beat the High Cost of Living

Dabney Coleman

Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman” or Modern Problems

Mary Kay Place

       >How to Beat the High Cost of Living

Fred Willard

The History of White People in America or Sweet Home Alabama

Mary Kay Place

(I purposefully went a different route than the Glenn Close thing since it becomes such a crutch once you divine a path.)



And to end this inanity, here’s the near-mandatory Kevin Bacon connection.  There are probably more than 100 routes to link the two actors, but the easiest, and certainly the shortest, is:

Kevin Bacon

       >Starting Over

Mary Kay Place



These are co-stars with whom Mary Kay has worked often:

Alan Alda – “M*A*S*H;” A New Life; “The West Wing”

Anne Archer – Leslie’s Folly; Waltz Across Texas

Bess Armstrong – “My So-Called Life;” Pecker

Orson Bean – Being John Malkovich; “Forever Fernwood;” Just My Imagination; “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman”

Candice Bergen – Starting Over; Sweet Home Alabama

Eileen Brennan –
The History of White People in America;Portrait of a White Marriage; Private Benjamin

Bill Campbell – “Further Tales of the City;” “Tales of the City”

Pamela Tice Chapman – Death and Texas; The Rainmaker

Glenn Close – The Big Chill; Nine Lives; The Safety of Objects

Dabney Coleman – “Forever Fernwood;” “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman;” Modern Problems

Chris Cooper – Bed of Lies; Silver City

Claire Danes – The Rainmaker; “My So-Called Life”

Laura Dern – Citizen Ruth; Smooth Talk

Olympia Dukakis – “Further Tales of the City;” “Tales of the City”

Charles Durning – Death and Texas; Leslie’s Folly; Starting Over

Clea DuVall – Committed; Girl, Interrupted; How to Make the Cruelest Month

Hector Elizondo – “Chicago Hope;” Samantha

Ethan Embry – How to Make the Cruelest Month; Sweet Home Alabama

Tippi Hedren – Citizen Ruth; Teresa’s Tattoo

Christine Lahti – “Chicago Hope;” Crazy from the Heart; Judgment Day:  The Ellie Nesler Story; My First Mister (directed Mary Kay)

Jared Leto – Girl, Interrupted; “My So-Called Life”

Laura Linney – “Further Tales of the City;” “Tales of the City”

Martin Mull –
The History of White People in America;Portrait of a White Marriage; “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman”

Dermot Mulroney – Bright Angel; The Safety of Objects; Samantha

Brittany Murphy – Girl, Interrupted; “King of the Hill”

Ken Olin – Telling Secrets; “thirtysomething”

Martha Plimpton – Eye of God; Pecker; Samantha

Burt Reynolds – Citizen Ruth; Starting Over

Wayne Rogers – The Girl Who Spelled Freedom; “M*A*S*H;” Nobody Knows Anything

Mickey Rourke – Act of Love; The Rainmaker

John Shea – Leslie’s Folly; A New Life

Harry Shearer –
The History of White People in America;Portrait of a White Marriage (also directed Mary Kay in these HBO movies)

Jean Smart – Just My Imagination; Sweet Home Alabama

Kurtwood Smith – Citizen Ruth; Girl, Interrupted

Lili Taylor – Bright Angel; Pecker

Sam Wanamaker –
“Baby Boom” (Mary Kay directed him on the “Baby Boom” TV series); Private Benjamin

Fred Willard – “Forever Fernwood;”
The History of White People in America;Portrait of a White Marriage Killer Diller; Nobody Knows Anything

I think that Fred gets the award for the most individual titles associated with Mary Kay Place.

She has worked with director Lisa Krueger twice in Committed and Manny & Lo. She also worked with writer Charlie Kaufman twice for Being John Malkovich and Human Nature.


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